Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gail Severn Show

This Saturday is the opening for my show out at the Gail Severn Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho. My girlfriend and I are taking a road trip out there and I'm so excited! The countryside is beautiful there and the people most friendly.

The show is of my series of dresses and entitled "Dream Lessons". All of the pieces inspired by my four years of participating in my women's dream circle, where we explore our night time dreams. For a preview:

"Come Nightfall She Enters the Kingdom of Dream"
Mixed media on panel

Artist Statement
Four years ago I started meeting once a month with six other women to explore our night-time dreams. It terrified me at first, the idea of  bringing the dark unknown lurking in my nights out into the light.
Yet slowly, over the years, I came to trust the process and the fear was replaced by curiosity. It became clear that these dreams, both mine and theirs, were a gold mine of awakenings and guidance.
Soon, unconsciously and consciously, these dream lessons started entering into my artwork. A slow trickle at first and then, this last year, a tidal wave. It manifested in the form of dress photocollages,  a direct response to the amazing feminine strength, intuition and  courage I witnessed in my fellow dreamers.
Sometimes I am inspired by a complete vivid dream, sometimes only a fragment; but what always comes to the artwork is a small awakening  that puts me just a little step closer to understanding my place in  this world. -   Morgan Brig

Monday, May 13, 2013

Upcoming Show

This June I have a show at Patricia Rovzar in tandem with Joyce Gehl, an amazing encaustic artist. Here are a few pieces of mine going into the show...

Copper, enamel, brass, pewter, mixed media

"Sitting Here Risking Being More Me"
Copper, enamel, brass, raku, mixed media

"Night Flight"
Copper, enamel, brass, ceramic, mixed media