Friday, February 13, 2015

Grid Exploration

 When I first started doing my artwork full time about 17 years ago, I never dreamed I'd have to work at keeping passionate. But now I know that boredom with myself and my metal work will creep in if I don't take time to nurture myself. So every year I usually take January/February and do some kind of exploration, just to see what pops out.

I love grids and squares and have used them in my work previously, but my short little detour last year into jewelry-making made me want to treat those squares in a looser way. I struggled for a couple weeks (my good friend told me after hearing me complain, "Walk away! Walk away! Let you subconscious chew on it!"). Finally about a week ago a structure that would allow me to hang the squares versus attach them to a board came to mind. I roughed it in and instantly got excited. Here are some photos of my explorations so far. I know the whole concept needs some refinement, but I'm excited! (and for me that's half the battle).

First piece prototype. Torch-fired enameled copper squares with either inkjet color decals or iron-based fired decals that turn sepia. Many jump rings!

First piece prototype. Adding an outside frame of brazed copper pipe that lets the squares hang 2" off the wall.

Same, from the side. I'm thinking a bit over-built at this point.
New piece with the concept of it representing my 'creative well'. It will hang in the same manner off the wall.  Still working on refinement to the outer structure.
Close up of tiles.
One of the other thoughts I've had is to hang or braze letters/words off of the support structure, or even branches or other small dimensional pieces that relate to the piece's concept. Onward! Excited!