Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wood Net Floats

About a year ago I found some old wood net floats at my local second hand store. They sat in my studio all lined up next to my desk and every time I tried to include them in a piece I was working on, they just didn't seem to work. They all had great patinas, some black, some white and others a rich blonde wood. It was the shape that was throwing me. Then one day I was packing them up to take back to the second hand store (I do this a fair amount…buy something/take it back/buy something/take it back), and it struck me! Cut the buggers in half! It was a major moment for me. All of the sudden I could make something out of them. For the last several months I've been making these wheeled creatures mostly, with a few other variations thrown in. Very fun.

"Reason to Believe"
"The Coming of Abundance"
"The Places I've Been, the Places I'm Going"
"The Universe Inside"
"Inner Workings"

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Commissioned Copper Boats

This last October I finished 6 boats for the Mystic River Complex out in Boston. I had a wonderful time creating them! The complex is full of high end stores and is being built in the old industrial area where clipper ships, bricks and even Edsel cars were once built. Quite the history. The firm doing the design work is Foreseer headed up by the amazing Paula Rees. The place has an essence of steampunk, patina,  and reclaimed objects throughout. My work fits right in!

Copper, enamel, glass, optical lenses, brass
"Good Under Pressure"
Copper, pressure gauges, enamel, brass
Copper, enamel, glass, brass
Copper, enamel, glass, brass
Copper, enamel, optical lenses, steel
Copper, enamel, optical lenses, mixed media