Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wood Net Floats

About a year ago I found some old wood net floats at my local second hand store. They sat in my studio all lined up next to my desk and every time I tried to include them in a piece I was working on, they just didn't seem to work. They all had great patinas, some black, some white and others a rich blonde wood. It was the shape that was throwing me. Then one day I was packing them up to take back to the second hand store (I do this a fair amount…buy something/take it back/buy something/take it back), and it struck me! Cut the buggers in half! It was a major moment for me. All of the sudden I could make something out of them. For the last several months I've been making these wheeled creatures mostly, with a few other variations thrown in. Very fun.

"Reason to Believe"
"The Coming of Abundance"
"The Places I've Been, the Places I'm Going"
"The Universe Inside"
"Inner Workings"


  1. I love seeing how you've "worked" the idea over and over again with different results... and especially to see the hand with the float the other direction. Thanks for sharing this.