Sunday, June 29, 2014

Curios Show Opens July 3

I'm very excited to have my "Curios" Show done and delivered to the Patricia Rovzar Gallery! For a preview of the artwork, please click on the photo link below. The show opens July, 3rd, 6-8pm. Patricia Rovzar Gallery, 1225 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Black Clay

A couple of months ago I experimented with black high fire clay. It has some mineral in it that apparently is quite toxic (magnesium?) so one has to use plastic gloves when molding it. For me, and I suspect most artists, that is a bit frustrating because the gloves don't fit so well and so all that sensitivity to creating expression in the clay face is minimized. I swore that I'd forget about using black clay again.

I created one head and then used a white underglaze on it which I then partially sponged off. Much of the underglaze burned off, but not all and it ended up having a stone-like patina to it. I love it! Ha! Back to using black clay - gloves and all.

This piece hangs from an upper metal grid that attaches perpendicular to the wall.

It has a title that keeps bumping around in my head for years now: "Some Say It Is Already Written, We Must Only Remember ".  That idea that we choose our parents and talents before we are born, but then forget everything as we come into the world. (Sigh. What's up with that?) So as young adults and/or grown adults the puzzle is to remember. On the figure is etched "parte incognita" - meaning there are still parts unknown.

I like the hanging method. It feels quite different for me. A bit jewelry-like.