Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Very Thing She Knew All Along

Trusting my intuition and gut instincts isn't always an easy thing for me. Too be sure, I am much, much, better at it now than I was in my younger years, yet still I have my moments. This piece, "The Very Thing She Knew All Along", is about trusting yourself and how the process of that can get mumble-jumbled and messy at times. 

I found an old magic book years ago that explained how to create the illusion of making a person disappear up on stage. Mirrors are involved. The angle of the audience's line of sight is important too. There was a diagram of how it worked along with a verbal explanation. The diagram is crazy with many different angles which don't clarify anything at all, but I love the fact that it's supposed to help one understand what's going on, yet confuses the issue. The verbal explanation that went with it was even worse. 

I thought how the whole mess reminded me of certain times when I wanted to trust my intuition, yet when I went to rationalize it with facts, what I saw, and what other people said, that I just got very confused instead. Until finally I would just settled myself down and go with my gut and see that it would turn out that I knew what I knew after all.

This piece has that magic trick diagram etched into the large brass plate, and then it has the verbal explanation etched too - it's just that I've rearranged it and changed out words so that it speaks to the confused process of gut trusting (not difficult for me and very fun). 

There's a woman's face up in the top circle dial. The old time dial symbolizes her brain at work. A telescope lens sits in the arch, representing her gut taking everything in. And the dancers because there is something just so joyful when one finally does get (once again) that intuition is an amazing thing.


  1. I love your art. I just recently was enjoying lunch on Vashon at the Hardware Store. I had ask our waiter what artist made the piece in the womens restroom...I just loved the piece...nice to meet your blog and website.

    Are you an Artfest (port townsend) goer by any chance?


  2. Thanks for the visit babyluxdesign. I think the piece in the Hardware Store restaurant gets lots of contemplation because it's in the restroom! But thanks for noticing.

    I love Pt Townsend and was just up there weekend before last. Haven't been to the Artfest yet, when is it?