Sunday, January 19, 2014

Finished Branch Figure

Several days ago I finished this branched piece that I had started as of last blog. I ended up putting the title on it in the form of hand-cut copper letters: "I Keep Learning As I Grow". I realize that the piece is reflective of the place I'm in this month of wanting to try some new techniques. I like the idea of having that growth be visible in what I do, hence the appeal for me of the arms becoming branches.

"I Keep Learning As I Grow"
Wall mounted - 31x22x3"

Some of the leaves are cut out of brass sheet that I had previously etched so that partial phrases "she will", "she knew", "reality", "believe" and "long way around" appear on them. A milagro of a praying figure hangs on the right branch, a cut out nickel hand on the branch next to it, all referring to my process of learning and being a beginner at some new techniques. At the bottom is a medallion I etched that has a symbol of a pyramid on it representing steps taken (hopefully) upward to a better place.

I used a woven copper mesh for the skirt. I like the way it gets old looking quickly with only minor over-firing with the torch. Yes! for instant patina. Some of the leaves have been torch-fired with a light yellow enamel and then a decal transfer applied over top. The decals have defused imagery with alchemy symbols and rich golden/black tones that I created in Photoshop.

This last Friday I figured out another piece that I'll start putting together soon. More of the marionette-type legs and a little bit bigger ceramic head!

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