Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Ship Galapagos

Copper, enamel, brass, glass, mixed media

Yesterday I finished a ship that I've been working on for several weeks. It is the most ark-like boat that I've made to date. I wanted it to represent the journey of my life so far. Along the way there have been memories and experiences that I have kept close to me, and they are represented by the bottled "specimens" lined up on the top deck. There are talismans too, etched in brass attached to the deck just below the glass vials. In my mind they protect and also bring good spirits. I've always loved the idea from generations past, that words / letters / symbols placed 'just so' within a circle can have such powers.

Glass vials with talismans below
The "bumpers" on the side of the boat are some kind of seed dyed red - I found them at the local florist. One of those things that sit around in the studio until, at last, you figure out how to use them.

Red seed "bumpers"

The big wheel cover is a photo I took of some local chamomile weeds, along with a tiny starfish and, of course, tiny vertical stacks of the planetary signs (for my hope that there will be guidance in the days ahead of my journey).

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  1. Wow, Morgan, there are so many layers to this. Amazing work.