Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fabric Enters In

It's been several months that I've been adding fabric to my figures. Definitely new ground creatively for me. Every time I get out the needle and thread I get a solid memory of being 10 years old and hand sewing doll clothes for my "Troll"  - those small, very long-haired and relatively ugly dolls popular in the late 60's. Oh, how I loved doing that! And now that pure joy comes to me, pretty much unchanged, when I sew parts onto these new creatures. I love the return of this joy! I'm also a bit at odds with how it over rides my fear of being in this new territory. It's as if I'm watching myself from the outside, wondering where this journey will take me next.

"Dearest One"
Ceramic, fabric, copper, enamel, photo transfers, acrylic.

Antlered bear with forehead horn (yet to be officially titled).
Ceramic, fabric, copper, enamel, photo transfers, acrylic.

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