Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Few More Pieces

"She Made Her Hard Choices & Moved Into the Light"
Etched brass, nickel silver, copper, mixed media

The piece above is about making a challenging decision and then actually taking action on that decision. Even if, like in my case, you're simply operating at that point off of a gut feeling. It is also how a train load of things can start to falling into place once that leap of faith is taken. As the saying goes, "Leap and the net will appear." I always seem to have to stand at the edge of the crevasse for a very long time first.

The main figure is surrounded by a large etched (in nickel silver) talisman to bring good luck and guidance. The larger rectangle directly below is about the journey of traveling from one world (before the leap), into the next world (after the leap).

Below are a few more pieces inspired after taking my wire sculpture class at Pratt back in March. Both are wall mounted and come out from the wall about a foot.

"She Came to Know Guidance In All Its Forms"
Etched brass, copper, tintype, glass, mixed media

"Sometimes the Very Thing That Rises From the Depths Comes to Blossom"
Etched copper, enamel, steel, mixed media

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  1. Morgan,
    These new works are a leap, an inspiring leap!