Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Is the Time of Her Life

"This Is the Time of Her Life"
Brass, copper, nickel silver, enamel, antique compass, mixed media

Nothing like the present. The craziness, the challenges, but also all the power and potential of being right here, right now. That is what this piece is about.

The passage of time is represented by the cycles of the moon engraved into the main brass plate, and the antique compass represents the gut feelings and intuitive notions I have along the way. I sometimes dare to act upon those intuitive ideas. I usually love the outcome of taking that kind of action. It's always better for me than just letting it pass by. I think that risk is what helps keep it all so interesting and passion filled for me.


  1. Hi Morgan,

    I fell in love with your work last year when I saw your last show at Patricia Rozvar gallery in Seattle. I love how you compose and play with your materials to create these three dimensional collages.

    I'm an artist living in Vancouver, BC. I do photography and make altered books. Your work has been very inspiring for me.

  2. Hi Rachael,

    I'm so glad that my work has inspired you. I went to your website and found all the images of your "Forgotten Knowledge" body of work. It's marvelous!