Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gail Severn Gallery Opening

This last weekend was the opening for my show at the Gail Severn Gallery out in Ketchum, Idaho. I thought I'd post a few images of the work there. I've been working more and more with antique photographs lately. Using them as a starting point and making many layers of additions and changes to them, then outputting the images onto enameled copper 'tiles'. This transfer method allows the rough quality of the fired enamel to show through the finished image. I'll attach the tiles to a fabricated copper background or a wood panel, then create a dimensional "frame" of copper  tubing with figures, vines, boats, awnings, etc on top of that.

Feels like it's right where I'm supposed to be - at least for now.

His Personal Circus
Copper, enamel, etched brass, acrylic, mixed media, 25x27x4"

She Aspires to a Life of the Imagination
Copper, etched brass, enamel, mixed media, 17x15x4"

One Day She Stopped Numbering & Counting & Let the Small Voice Love What It Loves
Copper, enamel, etched brass, acrylic, mixed media, 27x16x4"

When Fear Says Hello
Copper, enamel, etched brass, mixed media, 19x11x4"

Copper, enamel, vacuum tube, mixed media, 10x6"


  1. Morgan....I so love where this new work is going....shane

  2. Morgan well girlfriend you've done it again, wonderful work, I really love the colours and division of the photos. GOOD LUCK with the show, may it rain prosperity!
    Cheers Francesca

  3. Morgan, The more I look the more I like. These are amazing!

  4. I just saw some of your new work at Rovzar Gallery last night. It is astoundingly beautiful. I love that you continue to grow and evolve as an artist. You are my hero!