Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photo Tiles

More exploration with the photos transfered to enameled copper tiles that have been torch fired. I am thoroughly enjoying the Photoshop work - it all seems so magical to me still. The creative process hasn't changed however. I tend to layout all sorts of images and sketches first, and then just keep trying to mix it all in some different way. I see it as a collage with Photoshop verses a collage of found objects. I am always amazed how my subconscious can bubble up through it all and give it meaning to me. Something is working behind the curtain. I love that part.

"Below the Surface Swims an Answer or Two"
Copper, etched brass, enamel, mixed media

"Listen Said the Voice, Time to Fly"
Copper, enamel, etched brass, mixed media

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  1. Hi darlin' you just keep surprising and inspiring me! This are terrific. Hope you two are enjoying our summer! (Finally!) see you Sunday.