Sunday, November 10, 2013

Threaded Rod Assemblage

I've been into mixed media assemblages for years now, but it wasn't until the recent addition of my ceramic heads to my figures that I 'discovered' threaded rod as a connector. Now it's one of my favorite cold-connection methods. Pretty much anything can be connected together as long as there is a big enough hole drilled through each part so that the threaded rod can be inserted, and then a nut can be attached to both ends.

Here's an example of a small piece put together that way.

A dome hex nut finishes the top on this piece, while underneath is a regular plain hex nut. So simply the pressure of tightening these two nuts on the opposite ends of the threaded rod hold the elements of the figure together.

Here are all the components and the rod taken apart. The salt shaker top is pewter, next the ceramic head, a silver plated napkin ring, then 2 brass pieces. This small figure uses a 8-32 size stainless steel threaded rod and nuts. You can typically get these rods at your local hardware store and they come in many different thread sizes and usually in 3 foot lengths. I cut the rods to the exact size I need with a jeweler's saw. I've used as small as 4-40 size rod. As the scale of the figure moves up in size, so does the rod size to handle the bulk. Sometimes on figures with a ceramic head I'll put a buffer of a rubber washer to get a snug fit and to prevent cracking the ceramic.

The only other concern is to make sure that each of the components actually sit well against each other, so that there's no slipping and/or gaps once the pieces are all tightened together.

Here's a few other figures assembled with this method.

The rod stops at the base of the skirt.

 The rod is short going from the top of the head just through the top end of the hollow (silver plated) metal body piece.  Arms and legs are attached with small brass screws. 

What I love about this method is it is so immediate. So now all those lovely, weird, interesting components you've been saving can be made into one luscious piece!

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