Sunday, November 17, 2013

Threaded Rod Axels

The threaded rod is a simple and easy way to assemble an axel if you want to add wheels to an art assemblage piece. There are several ways to do it depending on the kind of material you're using as a base and the look you want.

The first way is to simply attach 'L' brackets to your piece with screws.

Here I've attached them to a wood piece for example. Then the threaded rod gets pushed through the holes in the 'L' brackets and at both ends I add a washer, a wheel and the end domed hex nuts. Very simple.

The second way is to drill holes in the sides of your piece, as shown on the back set of wheels here, and slide the threaded rod through.

The wheels can be put on the outside of the holes, as in this example, or on the interior side (for the interior version you'd need to use smaller wheels than the ones I have here so they'd fit inside. Also if you choose the inside placement, you'll need to cut a spacer bar that will fit over the threaded rod and in between the 2 wheels to hold the wheels in place. I typically use a 1/4" diameter length of copper pipe).

The third way is to braze onto your piece a set of 1/4" copper pipe cut to size, then push the threaded rod through the pipe. Then slide on the washer, wheel and end dome hex nut on each end.

I've also found that certain pieces of old erector sets work great too. The piece below uses a triangular erector piece to attach an axel to a wooden net float.

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  1. I love your work found it on pinterest Can you please tell me where you get your wheels?