Friday, May 23, 2014

Conquering Carpal Tunnel for Artists

In 2005 I got carpal tunnel so bad, I couldn't hold a pencil without a ton of pain. So I did some research and found a book on Amazon that helped me to recover fully.

I highly recommend this book by Sharon J. Butler. She explains all the how and why behind repetitive strain injuries and then goes on to show you how your can heal yourself through simple stretching exercises. I know it's hard to believe that simple stretches can make the difference, but for me it's the difference between being a practicing artist daily or just observing other artists from the sidelines. Depending on one's level of pain she takes you through different stretches, and as you progress into less pain, there are new stretches. All with very simple diagrams to show you how.

I take about 4-5 minutes each day after I quit my metalsmithing and do a few of her stretches and the carpal tunnel has not come back. Pretty amazing no? I hope you'll check it out if you're arms, wrists, hands (back, neck, shoulders, chest) are hurting.

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