Sunday, May 11, 2014

Copper Boat "Curios"

I'm currently working on another boat out of fabricated copper. I've recently been doing the hulls in a much heavier weight copper sheet, up to 32 oz. I love the heavy sturdiness it gives the hull. I'm still using lighter weights for the cabins that go on the decks (24-20 oz).

This one is called "Curios".

Unfinished "Curios" awaiting specimens to be hung from the metal grid on the deck.

I had so much fun with the hanging "specimens" in small glass vials on my last boat (Galapagos), that I wanted to explore different shaped hanging objects on another boat. She'll have some of the objects below hanging off the back metal grid. I'm still trying to decide what goes into the little glass vials.

Curios will have riverboat-style wheels along the side and then one caster wheel in front tucked under the bow. There will be a wheel cover over the side wheels with one of the following graphics on it - I'm still deciding on the color.

Knowing me, it will probably be the more muted yellow version since I've already put so much red on the boat. I'm thinking a little bit of decal on the cabin too, but we'll see. I'm looking forward to playing around with this part.

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